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Top 10 Fashion Trend you can follow in 2022

Feb 14, 2022
Top 10 Fashion Trend you can follow in 2022

It is almost Fashion Trend 2022, and somehow most of us are still experiencing 2020. We can all agree that 2021 went by way too quickly (just like every other year, honestly). However, as the year ends and we prepare ourselves to welcome 2022, let us welcome it in style. After all, nothing says, ‘I am ready for the new year quite like a chic and trendy designer wear.’

Top 10 Fashion Trend you can follow in 2022

As all the major Fashion Trend events end, we got a look at some of the things to come. The fresh 2022 spring collection and much more for those who missed it, there were a plethora of designs on show. Not only did we see comfort wear, but designs that promoted skin show and a lot of layers as well. All in all, everyone got a pretty good idea of what is to come.

As we wait for these collections to arrive in our wardrobes, it might be a good idea to analyze what we saw. It has become quite apparent that what we are about to see and witness will be quite popular in the upcoming season. While the danger of a Covid-19 outbreak looms large over our beach plans, there is no reason to stop yourself from getting on the trend train.

Some of these trends are here to stay, and some might just be seasonal things. But as a ritual, this year’s end, we should start embracing these trends early on. It is never too early as we head towards 2021 in a few weeks.

So for those of you out there looking to embrace 2022 in a new and fashionable way, this is the perfect guide. We will go over the top 10 fashion trends that you can follow in 2022. These have been selected and chosen from our experiences in various Fashion Trend weeks.

1.                  Blazers over hoodies

As we welcome 2022, the winter season is upon us. With most of us looking forward to gray skies and cold winter mornings, our hoodies become our friends. But one trend that is going to become quite popular is the blazers over hoodies. It is quite a good setup for guys as well as girls. Regardless of age, this setup works well in almost all situations. Plus, it is a good way to refresh your winter wardrobe.

2.                  Quilted Jacket

Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets are going to be one of the highlights for the next year. They are going to be a new way to dress comfortably. Despite comfort being the priority, you won’t be sacrificing your looks and style. There are multiple ways to style your look with quilted jackets, including wearing earrings and other accessories. It is a great trend that you can try out now itself as winter rages on Fashion Trend.

3.                  Midriff Dress

The most unforgettable moments from the various fashion weeks have to be the midriffs. This design is yet to be explored completely, and the best is yet to come. Midriffs expose and focus on the torso and various other sensual parts of the body. Midriffs are going to become a great choice for people wanting to flaunt their curves. It will become the best kind of trend for wearing on a night out, date or even parties and concerts.

4.                  Stripes are making some new ground 

Stripes have stayed in the industry for quite some time now. It is not a ground-breaking design; however, it is set to leave its mark in the coming year. The spring collection of 2022 will greatly incorporate stripes. The combination of stripes and spring will certainly take the trend to a good place. Whether you talk about plain color or a combination of stripes, it is simply unmissable.

5.                  Beachwear

Another Fashion Trend one to save for the coming summer/spring of 2022, Beachwear, is going to be quite fashionable. Yes, you heard it right! Beachwear is going to become quite trendy. Combining Beachwear with cutouts and worn sweaters is becoming a common sight. The goal is going to be to embrace the sun-kissed persona. Whether you choose to embrace the trend in spring or summer, one thing is for sure; you will look fantastic.

6.                  See-through Material  

See-through is another trend that has already made some great strides in the industry. However, some major changes are bound Fashion Trend to come in 2022. As the concept of showing skin without skin becomes more popular, we will see a wave of beautiful designs. It is going to be a great way to showcase your body without actually flaunting much.  You will be able to pair see-through tops with great trousers as well.

7.                  Mini Skirts 

Another trend that will dominate most of 2022 is going to be miniskirts. We are going to see mini skirts being paired with a variety of different apparel. From hoodies to coats and even suits, mini skirts are going to be paired with a lot of accessories and clothing in 2022. We are about to witness a surge in mini skirts and trench coat design as well.

8.                  Denim

It seems like a long time ago; we witnessed the rise of denim. It almost took over the fashion industry with jackets, jeans, and tops. However, denim is going to make a comeback this year. The reason for this is quite simple; denim is comfortable to wear for many celebrities. You don’t have to prepare yourself much to dress in denim. It is the most comfortable way to look fashionable.

9.                  Sequin

Sequin Dresses are going to be big this coming year. We are going to witness a burst of glitter dresses. If the fashion shows are an indication of what can be expected, then we are in for a show. Summer night parties are going to be the main place to showcase your sequin dresses and tops. These can be wonderfully paired with pants and shoes to create a casual as well as a party look.

10.              Cutouts 

Cutouts are another amazing trend that is focused on showing skin without actually showing much. Selectively removing material from collarbones to hips to even the torso, cutouts are perfect for showcasing your trendy side. Not only do cutouts offer a chance to look hot, but they can also be used in a variety of different situations. Talk about being versatile.


These top 10 fashion trends are a must to follow in 2022. Whether you plan to attend a big party, an escape room like the escape room Koramangala, date night, or a formal meeting, being fashionable is a must. Fashion plays a great role in our lives, and what better way to prepare your wardrobe for clean-up before the year ends and the new one starts.

You better start making space for all the new additions you are about to get. There are going to be a lot more clothes and accessories you will have to buy in order to look your best. Some of these trends, like the blazer over the hoodie, probably do not require you to buy new clothes. You are bound to have them with you. However, it is important to coordinate your entire attire. Make sure you have the right accessories as well.

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