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Considering a Smart Doorbell Camera? Here’s All You Need to Know about Them!

Feb 4, 2022
Considering a Smart Doorbell Camera? Here’s All You Need to Know about Them!

Smart home security gives you much better connectivity with both your home and smart devices that are being used to make your life convenient and easier. But, what is a smart doorbell camera?

Smart doorbell cameras aren’t used as commonly as digital assistants such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa as of now. That said, they’ve finally made a breakthrough when it comes to capabilities and features that make smart doorbells cameras valuable smart devices to homeowners.

Smart doorbells cameras are different from traditional doorbell cameras in the way that they’re designed in a way to make users’ lives more accessible and convenient. The doorbell camera’s live feed can be accessed from your smartphone.

Remote access in smart doorbell cameras enables you to answer your door from anywhere around the work, confirm if the housekeeper has left for the day, to accept packages. We understand that it gets confusing when shopping for the right kind of smart doorbell camera.

Therefore, in this article, we’ve decided to unravel the things you should look out for when shopping for a smart doorbell camera.

What to Look Out for in Smart Doorbell Cameras?

In order for this device to be exceptionally smart, there have to be some basic features in it. These features ought to keep you connected to the house as long as you have a smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection.

As a matter of fact, the upgrade features in a smart doorbell camera will help you understand the differences between brands and models when you’re considering purchasing one.


Connectivity is the basis of a smart doorbell camera. It should be able to connect to your home Wi-Fi and also have an easy-to-use app that allows you to stream live feed from your porch even when you’re not around.

Having better options allows one to connect to multiple smart home devices like other smartphones to a doorbell camera. It’s also good to look out for a doorbell camera that will keep you connected no matter where you are.

Certain smart doorbells also have a push notification feature that sends you alerts if someone rang your doorbell or if a motion is detected. You will get these alerts even when you’re not at home.


Today, smart assistants have become increasingly common over the past couple of years. Moreover, if you already have a preference when it comes to an assistant or system that you use for home automation, make sure any new Wi-Fi-enabled device you purchase, can connect to it.

Integrating the smart doorbell with your preferred smart assistant gives you the ability to receive voice alerts when your phone is nowhere around you. To ensure that the smart doorbell you’re considering, is compatible with the system in place at home.

Wireless vs Wired

Whether you’re thinking of getting a battery-powered or wired doorbell camera, ultimately depends on the kind of wiring your front door already has. For instance, if there’s already wiring for an electric doorbell at your door, you should be able to install a new wired doorbell without much difficulty,

If you don’t have any wiring to power your wired doorbell camera, you might need to opt for a battery-powered route. The only downfall of battery-powered doorbell cameras is that they can run out of juice at any time,

There are certain manufacturers that recommend or provide rechargeable batteries that keep the doorbell going for a few months. That said, if you want something more convenient, you might prefer to have your front door wired.

Wired doorbell cameras don’t require batteries, and there’s no chance that you’ll end up losing your front door’s feed if they exhaust their charge. There are some wires that hold a charge for instance if the power went out.

Night Vision

Night vision is an important feature that a smart doorbell camera should have, especially during winters when the sun sets early. It allows you to observe things outside your door even if it’s pitch dark. A doorbell camera with a 180-degree view is one you should look out for.

Two-Way Communication

A two-way talk feature allows you to communicate with whoever is at your door without having to open your door. You’ll know if there’s someone familiar at the door or just a salesman. In fact, you can also speak to guests via the app when you’re not at home.

Motion Detection

This is the most important feature that a smart doorbell camera should have, Motion sensors alert you anytime it senses movement at your doorstep and sends you push notifications.  Ensure that the camera has intelligent motion detection so that you don’t get false alerts.


Apart from all the features mentioned above, you also should choose if you want a smart doorbell camera that has cloud-storage or local storage. Smart doorbell cameras are a great smart-home device, and we hope you now know the features to look out for!

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