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Smart Room By Room Moving Tips For An Easy Move

Jan 12, 2022
Smart Room By Room Moving Tips For An Easy Move

Moving house is not a big deal if you adopt a systematic packing approach. The right packing technique will provide you with ease and save you from the challenges of the packing process.

You love all your belongings and move them with utmost safety. However, if you don’t know the right way to pack them, all your efforts will be futile.

Packing the whole house is troublesome for you. But if you know easy ways to do it, your move will be a breeze. Packing your house efficiently is not a big deal for professional packers and movers.

But it is difficult if an individual tries to do it. The reason is that he doesn’t have detailed knowledge about the packing process.

Every room of your house needs a different packing technique. It would be good if you pack your stuff room by room. You can complete packing for one room and then go on to pack the other rooms. This won’t confuse you at all while packing your stuff.

Also, a room-by-room approach is not very tiring and time-confusing for you. Plus, you won’t miss anything needful during the move. If you do not know how to pack room by room, refer to the following steps:-

Packing Your Bedroom

Packing your bedroom properly is extremely important. You might have great stuff in this room. Sometimes there are so many items that it becomes impossible for the people to pack them.

Following are the tips to pack your bedroom:-

Tips To Pack The Bedroom

  • Sorting your bedroom stuff is the first thing. This will let you know about the items you need to move. Remember, the more articles you move, the high the expense is. It will also help in saving your valuable time.
  • Packing the bedroom furniture requires extra care on your part. Most of the furniture pieces are big. So, you need to disassemble the furniture first to pack them. This will help you move them easily without any scratch.
  • Take care of packing your mattresses properly to move them efficiently. You can also put your mattresses on top of your car.

Packing The Dining Room

A dining room is one of the important rooms of your home. So, it is important to pack all its belongings properly. Disassemble the furniture before packing them.

Tips To Pack The Dining Room

  • Take great care of packing items such as crystal, fine china, and chandeliers.
  • Try to remove any part that can be easily removed. Remove a single piece at one time.
  • Make sure to save the bolts, nuts, washers, etc in a separate bag. Write a note on the bag mentioning what is inside it.
  • Use moving blankets to protect the furniture.

Make sure to load the dressers, chests, appliances, and couches first on the truck.

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Packing The Bathroom

You need to handle the items in your bathroom carefully. It is the smallest place in your house. But you need to take much care in packing its items. Sorting out useful creams and shampoos will be a challenge for you.

Tips To Pack The Bathroom

  • Use towels to pack the fragile items during the relocation. Also, you must label the box before moving.
  • Wrap all the liquid bottles in plastic wrap. You can also use plastic bags to pack them.
  • Line the boxes that have hair products, toiletries, and other appliances.
  • Pack unused towels on the top of heavy boxes.
  • Make sure to label all the boxes. This will help in identifying these boxes.

Packing The Living Room

Like other rooms, packing the items of the living room doesn’t need any special skill. Your living room might have objects of different shapes and sizes. So, it will be difficult for you to pack such items.

Tips To Pack The Living Room

  • Disassemble the lamp before packing them. Make sure to pack its shade and base separately. Use a strong box to pack the shade. Don’t forget to fill the vacant space with crumpled packing paper.
  • Items that have frames of glass mirrors are extremely fragile. They may be damaged if not packed properly.
  • Use a carton to pack the mirrors. They are the best for packing purposes.
  • Find original boxes to pack your TVs and computers. But if you don’t have them at your home, consider packing them in a carton. If you have hired the packers and movers Mumbai to Bangalore, ask them to arrange special cartons.
  • Use the thin foam wrap for protecting the screen while packing the TV.

Packing Your Garage Items

Packing your garage seems to be a small task for you. But in reality, it isn’t. Your garage packing process will be a problem for you when you start packing it. The garage is considered to have large pieces. So, it seems to be an easy process for you to pack them.

But, there may be many old items that you have never disposed of. So, you have to manage them first. You need to check these items before packing them.  Keep them only if they are essential to you.

Tips To Pack Garage

  • You need to collect the right packing materials to pack your garage. Some of these items include recycling bins, Eco-bubble wrap, heavy-duty trash bags, moving blankets, packing tape, broom, etc.
  • Sort out the belongings that you don’t require at all. Also, contact the local fire department to know the best way to get rid of any hazardous items.
  • These harmful items include paint thinners, pesticide, propane tanks, Aerosol cans, cleaning supplies, fertilizer, etc.
  • Make sure to collect the right packing materials to pack the garage items. Use packing tape to secure the top as well as the bottom of each box. You will need 1 roll of tape for 15 or 20 boxes.
  • Also, collect the packing paper. Ordinary newspapers are good. But they leave their ink. So, you have extra work to clean it up.


Now you have come to know about the varied tips to pack each room of your home. If you follow these tips, you’ll pack your home belongings without any stress.

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