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9 Best Period Tracking Apps to Use

Dec 13, 2021
9 Best Period Tracking Apps to Use

A Best Period Tracking Apps to Use typical period cycle happens once each month. However, its exact data, symptoms, flow, and severity may fluctuate. This is why the app market is loaded with period trackers that help you gain insight into your monthly cycle.

If you deal with reproductive issues like fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or endometriosis, understanding your cycle can significantly help you. And if you are willing to conceive or if you are someone who wants to avoid pregnancy at all costs, knowing this information enables you to gain insight into your ovulation.

Most period-tracking apps have in-app purchases to help you expand your analytics. However, some free features will also become incredibly handy and empowering.

A gynecologist in New York City, Alyssa Dweck, M.D.,  has chosen some of the best period tracking apps available in stores right now.

Let’s scan them together:

  1. Flo

Flo is one of the widely popular period apps found in stores. You can log your period information and use this app to determine factors like when your bleeding will typically start.

This app also covers 70 symptoms, such as bloating, mood changes, cramping, and sleep quality. You can get information about these symptoms and prepare to deal with them beforehand.

Alongside, there is a community of other users with whom you can chat and discuss the reproductive issues you are facing. There are tons of articles, quizzes, and insights that you can navigate to learn more about your body.

These are the most prominent features of this app. According to some app reviewers, you can use the information provided by Flo to track pregnancy too. It tells you when you have missed your period and whether you are pregnant.

There is also a consensus among researchers that apps’ free features are worthwhile. It is quite worthy in the absence of a premium membership.

  1. Period Calendar

The period calendar helps you track and predict your period. It also provides information regarding your fertile window and potential ovulation phase.

You can also use this app to record intercourse, weight, birth control, temperature, mucus, cervix, and other symptoms, along with the prior period tracking functions.

It has a pill reminder to ensure you don’t forget a dose. Whether you want reminders for medication, birth control pills, vaccination, supplements, or even an injection, its pill reminder is quite helpful.

  1. Eve by Glow

Eve (developed by the people who created Glow) is for those who aren’t willing to get pregnant. This app features standard functions and encourages daily updates, reminding you to note your symptoms.

It emphasizes monitoring your period because it is linked to your activity. The app has an active community where users can share their narratives and ask questions. You can also sync the Eve information with the iPhone Health app.

  1. Clue

Obstetrics and Gynecology (a publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) has ranked Clue as the best period tracking application.

There is a period tracker, mood tracker, exercise tracker, and health log in this app. It uses science to help users identify distinct patterns in their menstrual cycle. Recording your menstrual cycle and dealing with the symptoms becomes a whole lot easier when you have all the information.

Many Best Period Tracking Apps to Use reviewers have appreciated the reproductive content available on the app. This includes a podcast called Hormonal that explores how hormones affect your body and how to deal with these impacts.

Additionally, the app utilizes gender-inclusive language. This is to ensure it provides support to anyone who menstruates. It is also inclusive of all ages. The developers promised never to use symbols like butterflies, euphemisms, pink, or flowers.

The unique algorithm of this app analyzes the data you initially provided. This means the more information you provide, the more clues it gets.

Don’t think twice before you enter data into this application. The developers have integrated a robust algorithm to secure the users’ personal data. Like AirG scam-free apps, this one is also supported by a strong security structure.

  1. Spot On

Planned Parenthood is behind the development of this application. This app emphasizes accuracy and empowerment that go beyond tracking your period.

There are plenty of functions around birth control methods offered by this application. Not only this, but you can also enter your IUD details. Its IUD tracker reminds you to remove your IUD when it is time to do so.

Ideally, you can use hormonal IUDs for three to six years (depending on the brand). You can use the copper IUDs for ten years.

The reviewers have mentioned that this app is free. You can use the information provided by this app to tell your OB-Gyn or maintain a record of your own.

  1. Ovia

If you are trying to conceive, Ovia is the app you should install on your phone. It has many features, such as its ability to track mood, lifestyle habits, activity, etc. Simultaneously, the app also gives you daily fertility scores and fertility predictions.

These will allow you to stay tuned to your ovulation as you embark on your family planning journey.

Some reviewers have remarked that the additional features of this app have been stellar so far. It grew into a fertility tracker from a period tracking application. Some other users believe that the app provides helpful advice and insights that allow them to make informed decisions.

  1. Period Tracker Lite

The Best Period Tracking Apps to Use Lite makes it easier for users to log their menstrual cycles instantly. You have to press a button at the start of each period. The app will record this data and use an average of 3 months’ data to calculate the date of your next menstrual cycle.

You have to enter notes each day about your experience during this cycle. This includes bloating, flow, backache, cramps, and tender breasts. You can also choose about your mood, weight, and temperature.

The period dates, ovulation phase, and fertility dates are displayed on a calendar. The app contains comprehensive charts illustrating weight changes, symptoms, period length, and cycle changes.

  1. Life

Life enables you to register your physical and mental health symptoms. It also asks about your activity, nutrition choices, and health patterns.

People facing issues like PCOS can use this app to provide accurate information to their doctors. The app contains built-in cycle support. It could be tough to track irregularities in your menstrual cycle. However, users can follow their menstrual cycle with this app. And discuss the other approach with their physicians using this application.

  1. Cycles

The Cycles app provides an integrated view of your cycle. It shows when you are the most fertile, when you anticipate the PMS to hit you, and when you are likely to get your period.

You can enter your symptoms, activity, and mood fluctuations. The more information you add, the more intelligent and personalized this app gets for you. This app also allows you to share this information with your partner if you are a couple trying to conceive.

Parting Notes

Tracking your period is essential if you are struggling with health issues. A regular period cycle follows consistent patterns, but a few slight fluctuations can make a difference in your fertility and hormones. We hope this blog was helpful and you found a viable app on the list!

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