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Tile Cutter vs Wet Saw : Which is best for your project?

Nov 29, 2021
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For tile setters, the ideal tile cutting equipment is a tile cutter and a wet saw. However, which one you should choose depends on the task at hand, the materials you’ll be cutting, and the available workspace. Here sharing advice on choosing the ideal tool for the project. 

Tile comes in a wide range of colours and styles. Ceramic tile, clay tile, and porcelain tile are the most popular types of tiles seen in stores. These three varieties, however, are barely a scratch on the literal tile surface. Tiling Tools dealers in Gurgaon provide a wide range of tiles at very affordable prices.

Sand, water, and clay are used to make ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is created with a denser clay than ceramic tile. Clay tiles are completely made of clay. Ceramic, porcelain, and clay tiles are available in two finishes: glazed for inside usage and unglazed for exterior use. 

For example, Glass, cork, concrete, and stone tiles are used in a variety of diverse applications.

The area where we’ll be putting tile is referred to as the floor plan. Each project has its own set of issues to deal with.There are instances when more tile is required and when tile must be trimmed. It’s important to properly measure your floor plan to select the right quantity of tiles for your project. Measure the perimeters, diagonal interiors, width, and height of the complete floor layout. Next, measure one square of the sample tile. Calculate how many tiles you’ll need for the full project using those figures.

Don’t forget to take into consideration any unusual limits. Order additional tiles so you’ll have plenty to cut when it’s time to put the puzzle together. The finest tile cutting machine is provided by tile cutters dealers in Gurgaon, which makes the tile cutting process simple.

Most likely, you’re not working with completely straight borders that are a multiple of your tile size. Most jobs need cutting tile.

Here we” ll see the difference between Tile cutter and Wet saw :

Tile cutters and a wet saw are the two finest tools for cutting tiles. Tile cutters, on the other hand, take longer and require less talent and they are handier. whereas wet saws take less time and need more ability, they are inconvenient to use. Determining which road to choose is another matter.

Tile cutters should be in everyone’s toolkit. The cutters have a bar that goes from top to bottom, similar to a vehicle jack. The tiles are scored after being placed within the cutters. Along the scored line, the tiles break. Tile cutters take longer to start and operate than wet saws. You’ll need to locate your tile, set it inside the cutter, score it, and then snap it along the score. Furthermore, some of the harder tiles do not score well, thus selecting the appropriate scoring wheel is essential. Scoring glass tile, for example, maybe accomplished with any scoring wheel. When scoring glass, there is a trick: score softly. Applying too much pressure to the tile when scoring might cause it to break or leave a jagged edge. Breaking tiles along the score isn’t always straightforward. The tile cutter may not always score deep enough. Other times, the tile simply refuses to break. Expect to compete with a large number of tiles.

Tile cutters, on the other hand, have several significant advantages. They’re less expensive than wet saws, they’re portable, and they don’t require a lot of experience to use. Tile cutters are ideal for small jobs, projects with straight borders, and projects with soft tiles. Tile cutting machine dealers in Gurgaon provide a huge variety of tile cutting machines that make the tile cutting process more effective and straightforward.

Wet Saws: When your tile cutters aren’t cutting it, wet saws are the solution to go. Wet saws rely on electricity rather than human power. A wet saw resembles a table saw at first appearance. A diamond blade rotates to cut the tile, while a guide keeps it straight. Water is sprayed around the cutting blade to keep the tile from smoking and burning. Some tables include a built-in water reservoir, while others may be hooked up to a water supply.

Wet saws produce incredibly straight cuts in tile. As long as your hand does not tremble, the guide will assist you in making excellent cuts. Tile may also be carved into complicated forms with little effort. A wet saw can manufacture curved tiles, but tile cutters can only cut straight.

Harder tile materials can also be cut using wet saws. The diamond blade can cut even the toughest tile. Though you want to feel as if you’re cutting glass tiles with butter, you’ll need a wet saw.

Wet saws are better for large tasks than tile cutters. Manual tile cutters can’t cut tile as quickly, easily, or precisely as you can with an electric tile cutter. The only cost is the time it takes to set up and prepare the workspace. But Wet saws use large rooms or spaces with difficult floor designs.

The two disadvantages of the wet saw are skill and size. The units are often huge, and learning how to put them up properly takes time. Before you begin, you must understand the safety protocols. 

The information provided above should help you decide whether to use a tile cutter or a wet saw. The type of material, the size of the job, and your level of expertise all play a role in your decision. Making the best selection for your project, on the other hand, isn’t always easy. Alpha Marketing the best tile cutters dealers in Delhi can assist in determining which tool is appropriate for a certain job.

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