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How to Run a Successful Voice Broadcasting Campaign?

Sep 16, 2022
How to Run a Successful Voice Broadcasting Campaign?

Voice broadcasting can be the ideal substitute for cold calling.  Generally, cold calling is a very frustrating thing as even with many attempts of calling, businesses hardly land up with a meaningful lead.

If text message broadcasts can be thought of as a solution, although they can reach a wide audience, they can also be ignored by the same. In both such situations, bulk voice broadcast is one apt solution. 

This is because voice broadcasting identifies those potential leads who are interested in the message conveyed through a recorded voice. Through an IVR, the response of potential leads can be gathered and if needed the calls can be further transferred to live agents. 

Voice Broadcasting is the Best Customer Outreach Option

Voice broadcasting is today the most sought-after and best customer outreach option for a wide range of businesses across the world. With voice broadcasting, one gets to select a toll-free number irrespective of the initiation of the call. Voice broadcasting campaigns can be viewed on the dashboard or a web portal without the need for any software or hardware for the tracking and analysis of the campaigns. 

Voice broadcasting can enable bulk calls to be made within a short time. This system has a do-not-call (DNC) or do-not-disturb (DND) list filtering option and a cloud-based voice broadcasting model allows the user to pay only for what is used. A bulk voice call service provider only levies for the time spent by potential leads on the call. Moreover, a cloud-based voice broadcasting model does not flood the potential leads with information, it rather gives them an option to opt-out of the messages of the campaign if they find them irrelevant. This filters out the leads that need the most attention from your sales staff. 

How to Run a Successful Voice Broadcasting Campaign? 

Bulk call service reduces the amount of time and money spent on cold calling. Moreover, bulk voice call service can easily respond to those calls that have the potential to become successful leads. Voice broadcasting when compared to other marketing methods; yields thrice the number of favorable responses. This is not the only benefit offered by voice broadcasting because it can be used for sending reminders related to payments, appointments, etc in addition to fraud prevention for industries like banks, e-commerce, etc. Let us now know how to run a successful voice broadcasting campaign. 

Below is a brief rundown of the several steps you need to follow for running a successful voice broadcasting campaign.

1. Identify a Set of Measurable Goals

The first step towards running a successful voice broadcasting campaign is identifying a set of measurable goals in the sense that you need to know the number of users to be aimed for getting a favorable response or the number of potential leads that need to be converted to customers. Such goals would enable a voice broadcasting service provider to in turn provide better guidance. Next, it should be remembered that you can tailor voice broadcasting messages in case your business is aiming to attract potential leads from different markets important for your business. 

2. Keep It Simple, Silly 

The second step is to follow the rule, Keep It Simple, Silly for creating or building voice messages that can be clearly understood by potential leads. Generally, to make the first good start and impression, your voice broadcasting campaigns must have a message which is a short opener with a short description of your product/service. To make it still better, a professional tone of a human voice or an automated text-to-voice option can be used. But mostly, potential leads would love a warm tone, simple language, and mass appeal. 

3. Evoke Customers to Respond Quickly

The third step towards running a successful voice broadcasting campaign is to evoke potential customers to ‘respond instantly’. This means that the voice broadcasting message is very interactive and makes potential leads give a prompt response. Additionally, the message carried by a successful voice broadcasting campaign should be such that a potential customer should get the feel of having a real conversation so this can be achieved by playing an IVR message such as asking the customer to “press 0 to speak to an agent”.

4. Optimization

Voice broadcasting campaigns generate their data treasure that can be used for optimization by analysis of factors such as gender, the best time of day to send a campaign, and the accent of the voice that customers like. Customer response patterns should be studied thoroughly that offer important insights towards progressing further on more leads generation. 


Voice broadcasting is an amazing customer engagement and marketing tool for any business. When followed correctly, bulk voice campaigns can be a huge hit amongst potential leads. So why not follow the above steps and run successful voice broadcasting campaigns? Take the foremost step with Office24by7 technologies. To get started immediately


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