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How to Grow Cake Business in Today’s Post Covid Era?

Nov 29, 2021
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The Indian bakery industry has noticed a significant hike post covid. Experts have projected a market value of over $12 billion by 2024. Acknowledging this, the industry is showing a CAGR of 9.3 percent. The cake segment alone has a market share of 22%. Perhaps this is what grabbed the attention of brands like ITC (Food Division), Praxis Global Alliance, etc., to participate and cherish the growth.

As stated by Ali Harris Shere, COO, Biscuits, and Cluster, “The cake category in India is growing at a promising pace. Acknowledging it is a large category, and with our experience in the biscuits segment, we believe this is the right time to expand our foothold in the segment.”

According to Fortune Business Insights™ The global rise in cake consumption is mainly owing to its extensive consumption as a celebration of food on various special occasions.

How to sail through in growing Indian cake industry post-Covid?

Going with what Ali quoted, brands do have the upper hand and larger possibilities of success in the Cake business. However, this doesn’t mean the startups and independent cake sellers can’t excel and take benefit.

Many bakeries and cake shops have also started to ramp up their efforts in growing their business. While increasing offline footfall is a part of an ongoing practice, expanding through enhancing the digital approach is gaining commendable attention. Somewhere, the inclination towards digital growth strategies and footfall is also positively influenced by the Covid era.

The vast acceptance for buying products and making payments online has injected confidence in business owners. Impressions of the same can be well-noticed in this redefined approach to enhance digital footprints.

If you are a startup or an independent seller doing cake business from home, here’s how you can grow your cake business in this post covid era. Let’s have a look:

Sell on Facebook

Facebook has an impeccable user base. This is why they are the first choice for numerous brands, startups, and independent sellers. You can create your free merchant account on Facebook and start selling from day 1. If you plan to put no investment, you can easily sell to your digital social circle. However, investing smartly in campaigns can be further increased to people across the nation and globe. The growth rate depends on your willingness and resources. Having said this, if you wish to expand further, you may choose to invest a little in marketing campaigns on Facebook.

Not just this, by selling on Facebook, you can also create a brand image amidst your social circle. This can eventually help you spread word of mouth and get some popularity among cake lovers.

Sell on Google

Google is the most preferred search engine for people across the globe. Rather than going to any particular store, people consider searching for them on Google. Let’s say, in this case, Buy cake online. This is why it is suggested that you start selling on Google. You can open a Merchant account on Google for free and start selling from day 1. This one’s also as simple as selling on social media. However, you may require a little knowledge about your business and its target audience to improve your search.

Creating a Google merchant account can help you, especially in increasing your local sales. Or you may also define the target geographical location and keywords while setting up your Google merchant account.

Create your online store

Another way is to create your online store and sell across the nation and globe. This is often considered a little tricky. When you create an online store, you are required to add extensions, plugins, payment methods, delivery partners, etc. The process looks lengthy and tedious.

However, with Builderfly, you can create an online cakes store effortlessly. It is a platform that lets you create your online store for free and makes it easy to start doing business in less than 5 minutes. Regarding payment methods and delivery partners, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can choose all of it from their portal and completely customize the online store.

Create a compelling marketing strategy

Besides establishing your online presence, it’s important to effectively market and promote your business to achieve the best results. Digital marketing strategy depends on your business, geographical location, target audience, etc. Some of the preferred platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Google. You can create a custom and dedicated strategy for each of these portals.

Remember, you’ll also be required to track these ad campaigns and modify them from time to time. While this might look difficult, you may take help from Builderfly. The platform allows you to manage all your ad campaigns and do more using a single dashboard. This will help you execute and manage your ad campaigns with ease.

Manage your presence like a pro

Last but not least, it is still easy to be omnipresent; however, managing your business at all of them could be problematic. This is the most crucial point while planning to increase your cake business. Once again, Builderfly offers you the One Management feature. It allows you to manage all your online stores through a single dashboard.

You can manage your inventory, track sales, ad performance, and do much more from a single dashboard. The tool will help you manage your entire cake business from a unified screen. This will help you make better decisions and keep yourself updated with your store’s performance.


Covid gave a tough time to numerous businesses across the country. However, it has opened new realms of growth. Adopting technology is no longer a choice; it has transformed and evolved as a necessity to grow business in today’s world. Not just for brands and startups, even independent sellers who want to earn a little extra through their hobby can do it with ease.

Platforms like Builderfly have further made it easy for everyone. Even those with less technical knowledge can start selling cakes online. The store can be created for free in 5 simple steps. Also, you can customize your entire store based on your business and preferences. Just in case there’s anything else you need, feel free to drop your question in the comment section; We’ll be happy to answer.

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