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Dec 1, 2021

Power of packing of goods in today’s world.

In the modern digital world, customers choose and swipe their way to shop online for home comfort. As a result of globalization, online packaging has become increasingly popular.

.If you are new to the world of e-commerce and don’t know about packaging, then you are in the right place. Here is an article with everything you need to know about packaging types so that you can deliver well-packaged goods to your customers

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Package Properties Explained – Packing Types and Benefits

With products of all kinds being ordered on a large scale and delivered daily, the packaging industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. According to an article published by Business Wire, in 2019, the value of the global packaging market was $ 926.43 billion and is expected to reach $ 1,652.28 billion by 2027.

The figure represents the growing demand for packaging and packaged goods. Different types of products are packaged using different types of packaging materials to ensure the safety of stored goods, conversion, and delivery. Continue reading the article to know all about the benefits and types of packaging materials.

Benefits Of Packaging

Different types of packaging help keep the product safe during shipment and storage. In addition, it also serves as a marketing and sales tool. According to a survey, about 72% of American consumers say that the design of packages is important in influencing their purchase decision. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? That’s not it. Here are some of the key benefits of packing.

Protection against harm

The commodities are physically protected by proper packaging. It protects them from harm caused by a variety of factors such as vibration, falling, harsh temperatures, and more. Furthermore, boxes packed items are protected from factors such as humidity and dust.


A variety of minor accessories are included with many goods. A mobile phone, for example, comes with a charger and earbuds. Small accessories and components that arrive with devices like tablets or mobile phones might be included in custom packaging.


If items are not packaged properly, they may be lost or damaged while in transportation. Packing slips are included with properly boxed packaged items, making it easier to trace and identify the product. Furthermore, excellent packaging acts as a barrier between the items and the environment.

Handling is simple.

If the items are not correctly packed, they may be difficult to handle in the warehouse, throughout transit, and during delivery. By providing characteristics like handles or other elements that aid in the simple handling of items, packaging aids warehousing, and distribution employees. 

Furthermore, adding dunnage to boxed packed items during packing adds an extra layer of protection to the products while also making them easier to handle and transport.

Premium Feeling

Great packaging is one of your company’s most effective marketing tools. Many firms provide packaging with a high-quality design and finish. It aids in the creation of a positive image for both the items and the business. Premium packaging for boxed packaged items is critical for building a brand image and attracting new customers.

The Different Types Of Packaging And Their Applications

Packaging protects the goods and contributes significantly to the brand’s perceived value. With so many boxes and package options on the market, selecting the most appropriate packaging solution for various items has become complicated. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of several packaging solutions from which you may choose to optimize your product’s safety and consumer experience.

Boxes made of paperboard

Wood pulp is used to make paperboard boxes, which may also be created entirely from recycled materials. These boxes may simply be molded into unique forms. Paperboard boxes are great for boxed packaged items because of this feature.

Paperboards are a low-cost and low-cost packaging option. That is why they are used to package a wide range of items, from fast food to product display boxes. Paperboard boxes can be used to safely package electronics if they are coated with antistatic chemicals.


Very cost-effective

It may be used in a variety of ways.

The most suitable packing material

It’s recyclable, and you can make it out of 100 percent recycled materials.

Moldable into a variety of forms and structures


Rigidity and strength issues

It may not be able to tolerate impurities such as moisture and dust.

Rigid boxes

Have you ever wondered what kind of packing material is utilized to package high-end retail products like Rolex watches or high-end electronics like the iPhone? It utilizes a rigid box. The most common application of this packaging material is to pack luxury boxed packaged items to give them an extra special touch.

A rigid box is built of four times thicker deeply condensed paperboard than regular paperboard and is extremely robust. Rigid boxes are hefty and thick, with strong construction.

These boxes are also extremely configurable. You may print them, laminate them, or apply an AQ coating on them. They are one of the most costly packages when it comes to pricing.


Exceptional quality

Strong and long-lasting 

Suitable for practically any size and shape of goods

Exceptionally adaptable



To protect it, it requires more packing, which raises the entire package cost.

It is frequently non-collapsible, which raises the expense of transportation.

Boxes made of corrugated cardboard

Cardboard is a common name for this material, which is often used for export cartons and retail packaging. Additionally, you may utilize them to store stuff. Cardboard is a multi-layered paper with a corrugated layer sandwiched between the exterior and inner heavyweight paper layers. The cardboard is insulated, protected, and strengthened by corrugated paper.

Corrugated boxes are often produced from recycled paper, making them both environmentally friendly and affordable. To send neatly boxed packed items to your consumers, you may cut and create cupboards in various forms according to the shape of the products.


Jute bags are increasingly popular packaging materials due to their impressive sustainability. In addition, their other use is to make reusable shopping bags as they have a strong fiber. Jute bags looks rustic and are their use also includes agricultural packaging like coffee sacks. This packaging material is widely popular among people looking for 100% sustainable packaging.  

Under The Umbrella, eye-catching boxed packaged goods not only improve the brand’s image but also serve as a powerful marketing tool. Various types of packing materials are available on the market to meet various demands and requirements. To protect the safety and security of the commodities during transportation and delivery, utilize appropriate packaging.

Fulfillment Hub USA Delivers Majestic Boxed Packaged Goods

The initial impression is the most important, and boxes packed items are crucial in making that first impression on your customers. Never ignore product packaging if you want to take your business to the next level.

We provide top-notch product packaging at Fulfillment Hub USA, assuring the items’ safety and security. We can provide customized packaging to match your specific requirements and make shipment easier. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.


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